The need for common sense!

We in IT (as an industry) have a bad reputation for bugs, delays, budget overruns, poor usability, and missing the point of what we were asked to do. And while there are bright lights here and there, way too many do not care, accept it or give up. This is something that has pained me for years and still when reading news on yet another failed IT Project (+ knowing that 95% of such failed projects happen without media attention). It just makes me sad and embarrassed for the industry as a whole!

So I’ve made it my mission to “fix this“!… A Mission Impossible some might say, and in a recent meetup in an Agile Coach group I’m part of, we more or less concluded that; yes, things have become worse over the last 10 years despite new tools and mindsets 😢

But we can’t give up; we can’t give in! There is an industry out there to be saved! So let’s unite and let me help you and your business along the way!… If we do not try, we have already lost…


Having spent 19+ years in the software industry as everything from an introverted developer to lead developer, product owner, business owner, scrum master, mentor, and people manager, I do have my share of knowledge about the industry (You can find all the details in my CV).

The special thing, however, is that it has all been done while working in my only employment @ Boyum IT Solutions A/S between 2004 and 2022 where I in Oct. 2022 had burnout and need a fresh new perspective on life and work; hence you reading this.

So I do not have experience from multiple companies, the 2+ failed companies the industry says you need to have nor do I have the fancy certifications in Scrum, Kanban, or SAFe (and are not too fine to admit I needed to check google how to upper/lowercase SAFe correctly 😉)But what I do have is a die-hard passion for fixing the industry, a hard-working mentality, and a lot of common sense!

I might be too naive here and think the above is enough… I might not; only time can tell.

So if you are looking for more or disagree with the above you have come to the wrong place and I wish you luck in finding the right business coach that fits you somewhere else.


Here are the values I follow as a business coach (or whatever you want to call this style of work; I don’t care, as long as we make things better for you and your customers).

  • Without Trust, we don’t even need to try and start
  • There is no best agile process. Pick and choose from all of them and try/use/evaluate what fit you.
  • Estimating are worthless
  • Keep things simple.
  • Tools are great, but they do not fix everything and don’t ever let a missing tool stop you from starting something new
  • Know thy Customer
    • Always take the customer’s side.
    • The customer is almost NEVER right
  • Honesty above all
  • The world doesn’t need leaders; it needs mentors
  • Self-empowerment of teams is key (so for god sake let them)
  • Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness

What I’m good at

Here is a list of what I’m good at and can hopefully help you and your business by proxy

  • Understanding Users and turning their requests into useful features
  • Explaining complex topics to others
  • Understanding and leading developers
  • Making PowerPoints look great (yes, odd skill to highlight but it is true)
  • Worst-case scenario thinking
  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • 100% Thinking
  • Being very structured

What I suck at

Like anyone else, I’m not perfect and I have my flaws, so let’s put them out in the open as well so you know who you are dealing with here

  • I’m introverted and shy
  • I have a worst-case-scenario mindset (Hey! was that not also on the “Good at list”???)
  • I’m good at saying No (as a fight/flight response) without meaning it
  • No passion = Zero interest (sorry can’t / won’t fake it!)
  • Conservative (hate taking risks)

What I offer

I’m offering business sparring to tech companies in the areas of Coaching & Mentoring · Usability Testing · Product Development · Product Evangelism and Agile Methodologies.

But be warned… I do this without a filter and speak my mind no matter if I’m talking to the CEO or the Intern… If you can’t handle this; not a match…

Contact me

If you are interested in a meetup or a talk then feel free to contact me by mail ( or LinkedIn (

Or if you are still in doubt about what all this is about then check out the FAQ