Hi all, my name is Rasmus – I’m a 45-year-old male, living in Denmark


I’m a creative person with a great sense of order. I’m good at keeping track of many things around me and keeping track of them. I’m very involved in my work and set high standards for the quality of the work I do. I’m a reliable, stable, and responsible person who does what is promised.

Current Work (2023 – Present)

After a 3-month mental break from my professional work-life, to recharge and find my new passion, I’m now a Technical Business Coach / Owner @ Sensus 365 (aka my own company) 😉

Previous Work History (Jan. 2004 – Oct. 2022)

Previously I worked at a company called Boyum IT Solutions A/S, as “Vice President of Development” for SAP Business One.

2022-2022Appointed as “Product Manager” of Boyum Cloud Framework
2020-2022Appointed as “Product Manager” of Horizontal Solutions
2017-2022Appointed as “Vice President of Development”
2016-2022Hired by Boyum IT Solutions A/S (Company Re-structure)
2014-2022Creator and Lead Developer of the CRM for Outlook for SAP Business One
2008-2017Appointed “Chief technical officer”
2007-2022Became a shareholder
2007-2008Appointed as “Lead Developer”
2005-2022Creator and lead developer of the B1 Usability Package for SAP Business One
2005-2007Appointed as “Project Manager” of development
2005-2007Course-manager of SAP Business One SDK Training for SAP Denmark
2004-2016Hired by Boyum IT A/S


My primary education is Datamatiker (Advanced Computer Studies) from Aarhus Business College. The education lasts two and a half years and is comprised of classroom training and larger real-life projects. The main programming language in the education was Java, but other major elements were MS SQL, XML, and HTML/PHP/CSS. The graduation project was working with a Java Integration with ERP System Concorde XAL.

2000-2002Datamatiker (Advanced Computer Studies) @ Aarhus Business College
1996-1999Student @ Risskov Amtsgymnasium

Facts and Contact Details

AddressChr. Winthers vej 83 ST, TV – 8230 Aabyhoej – Denmark (Show Map)
Birthdate25th of February 1979
Mailmail@rwj.dk (Contact)
Phone+45 26 28 94 68 (Call)
Spoken languagesDanish | English
Driver licenseB (Car)