Q: What kind of company is this?
A: This is my one-man company that offers help to smaller IT companies with Coaching & Mentoring services.

Q: What is a ‘Technical Business Coach’ and how does it differ from a regular business coach?
A: A regular business coach is normally a person that is good at understanding business and people, but on a more generic level. A Technical Business Coach is more hands-on in the IT space and knows example Development, Coding, etc. In my case it is around Software Development, Agile, Developer mindset, and scalability/automation, making me able to Prototype a solution, instead just suggesting it to you.

Q: Why is the company called Sensum365?
A: ‘Sensum’ is the Latin word for ‘Sense’ as in Common Sense which I found fitting๐Ÿ˜‰

Q: What is ‘RWJ Invest’ (Seems to be the legal name of the company)?
A: This is the legal entity name of my company and is kind of a legacy name as I have had this company for many years (since 2007), as part of the co-ownership of shares in Boyum IT Solutions (my former workplace). So back then it made sense to call it an investment company. As this new services business was added I’ve added a legal sub-name ‘Sensum365‘ to the main company as the “Invest” part of the name was rather confusing to business partners and clients.

Q: Why does www.sensum365.com redirect to this www.rwj.dk
A: Lazyness and cost-saving I guess. Who cares; it is about what we do together to help your customers; not what my company is called!


Q: What kind of services do you offer?
A: My main skills are in IT around Agile, Usability, Product Development, Automation, and Evangelism, but as such there are no fixed rules on what we can work on (I tend to have an opinion about anything IT related ๐Ÿ˜‰)… Here are some examples of things I’ve done for previous clients and in my past employment:

  • Usability review of your IT Product
  • Evaluation of your website and how it fits the target audience
  • Usability brainstorms
  • Facilitator of talking solutions with developers/suppliers
  • “Fly on the wall” observations of your business
  • Help introduce Agile methodologies for IT teams (Scrum, Kanban, Retrospective, etc.)
  • CTO Sparring
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mentoring (students, startups, etc.)

Q: What does it cost?
A: It is free ๐Ÿ˜‰ (details explained here)

Q: What kind of things do you not provide?
A: While my services are in IT, that does not mean I can/will do anything IT related… You are of cause allowed to ask, but in some areas, you might get a “No”… Some examples:

  • Despite being a developer I will not build your website or App (but I can perhaps help you define what you need).
  • I can’t recommend someone to do the above-mentioned (you need to choose your own business partners so it is truly your trust/belief in them and not some just because I said so)…
  • I will not solely take responsibility for a specific task or decision with long-term commitment (aka as a real employee would do).

In general, while I would love to spar, help, and inspire, the one clear goal is to never become a dependency for your company to function, in that if we part ways in the business relation for various reasons you are not lost and I’m not stuck.


Q: Can anyone ask for your services?
A: As such yes, but as with everything else it is in the details… I’m located in Aarhus, Denmark so there are travel practicalities and some rules in my severance contract with my previous employer might prevent certain relationships (For example I will be unable to help/work with SAP Business One in general for the next few years).

Q: How do I contact you to get going?
A: If you are interested in a meetup or a talk then feel free to contact me by mail (business@rwj.dk) or LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rasmuswulffjensen/).


Q: Why is there also personal stuff on this website and in the blog (is this not a company?)
A: It is a company but as a business of one person you are as much interacting with a person as a business. So here, I’ve decided you get the whole me (flaws and all) and not just a corporate shell in order to better know who you are dealing with and to indicate to you that business coaching requires openness of both parties… And while that might feel scary to let your guard down about the potential weak sides of your business to an external party (we all want to impress/show professionalism), it is a bit less scary if you know the “fancy” coach you are sitting in front of is also just a human being with personal strengths and weaknesses as well…

That being said, we don’t need to talk about Unity Gaming, Fitness, or Meditation in our interactions… They are just backdrops of the whole person called “Rasmus Wulff Jensen”.