Q: What does it cost to get your help?
A: It is free 😉

Q: Wait, what… Why do you do this for free!?
A: Having had my own success in the IT Industry already, I felt it was time to pay it forward and help other inspiring new and smaller companies so that I can contribute to their success… It is often small/mid-size business that needs this sparring but can’t afford it… So I chose to make my services free of charge.

Q: How can you afford to do this for free (How do you earn money then?)
A: The short answer to how I earn money is “I don’t”. As co-owner of the company I previously worked at, I was lucky/privileged to earn enough money as part of that venture so my financial situation is “more than I need”, and as a minimalist with no family or extravagant hobbies/needs for material goods, I instead value helping others and pay-it-forward to others (for free) than to earn more money I would not know how to spend anyway… Yes, this is extremely privileged, and perhaps a bit “dumb” (my services could be sold), but in my current situation it just “feels right” for me to do…

Q: OK, but it is free! What’s the catch?
A: No catch, other than I set the rules of who I involve myself in.

Q: OK, but really, what’s the catch… really (what do you get out of it)!?!
A: Again, there is no catch (why is free so hard to sell? 🤔)… What I get out of it, is the “rush” of helping others and in the end, seeing their customers be happier and/or more productive. Money, IMHO, should never be the only factor for someone doing something (when we are above the level of securing survival and taking care of ourselves and our dear ones). Passion, Pride, and the feeling of Making a difference with what you do should be the main “reward”… Having that approach tends to make more natural success overall, and while it does not earn you the most money, it hopefully earns you enough (and if lucky, like I have been in the past, more than that).

Q: Will engagement not suffer or be of lower quality (cheap/free things tend to be not as good as professional ones)?
A: Absolutely Not!, Those who know me (and I acknowledge that if you are reading this might not yet) know I put my life and soul into everything I decide to do! So if you get a “Yes, I will help you” after initial talks, I will help you to the fullest extent. On the other hand, if we talk and the interest of your business does not catch me, money will not be an “excuse” to help you anyway, and you will get a “No, I can’t help because <reason>“… So it essentially becomes quite black/white in that you either have the highest level of service or none at all (and if some reader is still looking for a catch here, that might be the closest to finding one).

Q: What, if you find my company interesting at first, but over time you lose interest?
A: That is the biggest risk for you in all this, (but as such not higher than with an employee or paid external consultant (you might argue that they would still have the monetary insensitive, but if you truly want someone in your company to only care about the pay and not the work, we are not a match in a business view in the first place 😉))

Q: So this is essentially free labor and I can get you to do my job?
A: Absolutely not! (if you think this you have completely misunderstood the point). Coaching/Sparring is an equally big time investment on your part (if not even greater). If you are not ready for that this is not the right thing for you and if I notice that is the case I will not agree to help you!

Q: Can I ask you for financial aid to execute my company dream (philanthropic donations/venture capital)?
A: No, I’m offering my time here; not financial aid or Venture Capital.

Q: Will it be free forever?
A: I honestly do not know. Perhaps I will change my stance on this, but right now I can’t see a reason for charging (I’m in it to have fun and make a difference in the world and that is plenty for now)

Q: Can I offer you payments/compensation/other?
A: Sure, I can write you an invoice if you/your company insists. Also if the job requires extensive travel or other costs it would be kind if those would be compensated, but it is not a must…
A kind word/shoutout/comment online or a LinkedIn recommendation to spread awareness and trust in the service is equally appreciated…..