A C# Based Wrapper of the Trello API


How to get started

  1. Install the ‘TrelloDotNet‘ NuGet Package (dotnet add package TrelloDotNet)
  2. Retrieve your API-Key and Token
  3. Create new instance of TrelloDotNet.TrelloClient
  4. Locate you Ids of you Boards, List and Cards (see video here or at the end on this ReadMe)
  5. Use the TrelloClient based on the examples below and/or the Wiki.

Examples of Usage:

TrelloClient client = new TrelloClient("APIKey", "TOKEN"); //IMPORTANT: Remember to not leave Key and Token in clear text!

//Get a board
Board board = await client.GetBoardAsync("<boardId>");

//Get Lists on a board
List<List> lists = await client.GetCardsOnBoardAsync("<boardId>");

//Get a card
Card card = await client.GetCardAsync("<cardId>");

//Get Cards on Board
List<Card> cardsOnBoard = await trelloClient.GetCardsOnBoardAsync("<boardId>");

//Get Cards in List
List<Card> cardsInList = await trelloClient.GetCardsInListAsync("<listId>");

//Add a card
var input = new Card("<listId>", "My Card", "My Card description");
//todo - add more about the card 
var newCard = await client.AddCardAsync(input);

//Add a Checklist to a card
var checklistItems = new List<ChecklistItem>
var newChecklist = new Checklist("Sample Checklist", checklistItems);
var addedChecklist = await client.AddChecklistAsync("<cardId>", newChecklist);