Week 2: Life, Death… and Meditation

Life “interrupted”

A death in the family (sad but nothing tragic; very old age and expected/good given circumstances) on Monday evening took some of the focus this week, as there suddenly was a slew of practical things to help my parents with. RIP…

A different type of life “interruption” is the meditation that I now have more structure around (2×15 min each day) after completing the book “Mindfulness for Beginners”. The book is good, but at the same time, I feel I need to read it at least one more time in a more calm mind to truly appreciate it (and see if I can somehow figure out if I’m “doing it right”)… But it feels nice and that is all that matters right now…

For those interested, I use the App “Timefully” on my phone/Apple Watch to track meditation. A friend of mine (thanks “RKL” also mentioned the App “Waking Up” which I will take a look at down the line.

Feel the need; The need for code and creativity!

I am a creative being and have been all my life, so 2 whole weeks of not “creating anything” must be enough and it is time to do something creative again… So I will take up Unity Game Development and see if that is fun… I will give the first status next week.

In other news

  • After two weeks of breakfast experiment (having not eaten anything in the mornings for 15+years, it is “thrown out again”… It is still not the most important meal of the day for me
  • The rest of the Morning running routine is here to stay as it is a perfect start of the day for me given I have the time now
  • Getting into a longer/more recurring schedule for Fitness Center, so despite feeling very sore, it is the good kind of sore 🙂
  • My knees are still holding up so far with the increased exercises (please let this not be jinxing that!)
  • Despite all this exercise weight is still not dropping 🙁 Guess it is a mix of muscle buildup and eating too much… Need to do more in this area soon, so expect it to be a week 3/4 topic.
  • Sleep quality dropped a bit this week, but given the week’s events I’m not worried, but I need to be more strict with my before-bed screen time.
  • Had a good, long talk with my parents on the transition (they are from a generation where doing something like this was unheard of so good to talk about it) and also with a former colleague that has been on the same journey as me one year ago giving some good tips; Thank you “NH”!
    • In general, if anyone has questions, comments or tips feel free to reach out; there is nothing taboo here despite it being different from the norm.

See you all next week and take care… 😉