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A simple Trello Power-Up (HTML+Javascript) to help find Ids on a Trello Board

The API Developer ID Helper Power-Up allows Trello API Developers easy access to the technical Ids of a Trello Board (Board Id, List Id, and Card Id), instead of the rather cumbersome “Export to JSON” method.

Copy Card Data

Get CardId, The Id of the List the card is on, the BoardId, or the entire Card JSON directly from the Card-Button in your clipboard

Card Features

Copy List Data

Get ListId or the List with Card JSON from the List “…” dropdown menu in your clipboard

List Features

Copy Board Data

Get BoardId or the Board as JSON from the Board-Button in your clipboard

Board Features


If you of your fellow users only wish for the copy options in some areas (for example, if you do not wish for the ‘Board button’, you can choose which of the copy-buttons appear via the settings)



If you need help with anything, feel free to reach out to or submit a github-issue.