Status on Unity Game

Hi All, not too much to report on this week, so I wanted to focus this week’s post on my new Passion; Unity Game Development.

I started the development of games back in November and after the first training (you can see the result here), I have the past month, been working on my own game, which is planned to be a Tower Defense game mixed with Action RPG…

The game is far far from finished but this is moving along, and if you are interested you can see work in progress here (Disclaimer: There is not much “fun” to the game right now being more a tech demo and partly implemented mechanics. Similar graphics are all placeholder for the real thing at the end)

Main menu.. not much here other than link to the campaign
Dummy overview map… Only one level on the man with the arrow above him
Sample Level… No win condition yet, but you can lose… You choose tower in the lower left and click to place

…As said… Long way to go, but it is a start and you can keep track of progress by the above link…

That’s all for this week… See you next week