Seeking a struggling/scaled Agile Experience…

Ever since I learned about Scrum and Agile back in 2000, I have been using them, but as an Agile Coach/Practitioner, I still have 2 glaring blindsides:

1. I’ve never experienced Agile Failure
2. I’ve yet to try Agile at Scale…

If I look online and in Agile Meetup Groups it is easy to get 2nd hand experience with failure and horrible “war” stories, but (at least in my own opinion) I never tried such failure myself.

My “problem” is that I was only in a single company over 19 years, and while I have been part of countless projects, my biggest team ever over the years was 11 people… But I’m yet to try to directly lead people into failure on the product or the people side (Yes, there have been minor bumps along the way, but never true failure)

Question: Why have I never seen failure?
I don’t see myself as someone good at following a specific method, and I typically just apply passion and what I see as common sense to a situation, so why have I not seen failure?

  • Have I just been Lucky with the people I’ve worked with?
  • Have I just not tried working with a big enough team/company?
  • Have I just not tried having a bad enough upper management?

I honestly don’t know; hence this odd request…

I’m seeking someone out there that owns or is in charge of a bigger company/team/product that is struggling to implement/use Agile right now, that will allow me (for free) to try and observe/assist/help…

I can’t promise that I magically can turn the fail or struggle around, so the worst case for you is that I get to experience failure along with you which is what I’m after to help me grow… The best case can of course be hoped for, but no promises…

Is anyone brave enough out there to try
and help me with this “mad” experiment?

(If you are then reach out on Email or LinkedIn)