Archives February 2023

Back on YouTube

People that know me from my previous job, know I did a lot of YouTube videos (600+ in fact 😉)… I found making videos a fun part of my work, so I kind of missed that aspect a bit…

Well I’m back at it!, but not with SAP Business One or B1 Usability Package videos, but instead two passion topics of mine: Productivity and Code.

Productivity Videos

I’ve always been a fan of productivity and whenever I had a tool I was one of those that tinkered and tweaked it to the absolute fullest… One of those tools was Microsoft Outlook and mail/todo-productivity, and for that reason, I’ve made a video series on Outlook Productivity, Tasks, and Zero Inbox. The content of the series took over 10 years of tweaking to get to, and since everyone, I’ve shared my way of working with has adopted the same process I thought it was a good topic for your YouTube video series. The 10 video series are online now and can be seen here:

Code Videos

Nerd at heart my other passion is Programming, and when I recently created a Trello Open-source NuGet package, it was natural to of cause also make E-learning of the API. That video series can be seen here:

YouTube Playlist on TrelloDotNet (C# API for Trello Automation)

My first contribution to OpenSource 🤓

As part of some work for a client that worked with Trello, I wanted to do some automation against the Trello API… Only to find out that all NuGet Packages out there were rather poor or not working at all… 😒

Well, that is not an issue for a nerd, so since I had on my list of experiments to try and contribute to open-source, I’m now a creator of a NuGet Package 🤓

So if you are a Trello User and need a C# API, you can check it out here: