One year later…

Today, one year ago, I left Boyum, the workforce (for now) & the SAP Business One community to rediscover myself and find passion… I started this blog back then called “Rasmus 2.0 – The journey to the next passion in life(if you are interested in why I left it is summarized here)

Let me give you an update on everything,
since it’s been a while since I posted…

In order to give you the best update I went back and re-read this blog myself for the first time; It was Interesting to read again, and reflecting today I think I was in a bigger mess than I remembered in the beginning, but it is interesting to observe that things evolved much faster than I remembered with most of the changes happening in the first 3 months (it felt longer to find myself, but apparently not)… Well; on to the update

Fitness and Health

One year ago I was already running 3 times a week, but the last year really upped running for me; I started running every single day and only stopped that practice recently (more on that later) with a total run streak of 333 days in a row of running. In the beginning, it was short runs and very slow, but that changed in 2023 when I upped the game by running longer (This year I have 2 Half-Marathons and over 1000 Km of running so far, and the classic 5K time that in the past was just under “mystical” 30 min, is now down to 24 min (something I thought would never happen))

It is not all good though, with me having a medical scare back in May, and another one in early September resulting in an acute doctor’s appointment with chest pains and a trip to the hospital to get my heart examined by ultrasound (yes it sucks getting older)… The examination results were luckily positive (my heart is fine) and instead, it is most likely something called Costochondritis from running too much and too often (hence the end of the running streak)

I’m back out running again; just not every single day which is btw. the smart thing to do anyway, and the plan is to slowly ramp up distance, for the rest of the year, to be able to run a real marathon next year 🤞


This was a big topic of mine one year ago. It was insightful, but after a while, I did not feel I needed it anymore (not as an active activity). I think however recently that because of “work” (more later), “Work-Thoughts” slowly began dominating my mind again so might be time for a re-visit of Mindfulness by re-reading some of the books I did a year ago.

“Work” (“Games”, “Open Source” and “Business Coaching”)

A year ago I was not only burned out on work, but Code/Development in general… I felt it was “too hard” and had no future… For that reason, I tried alternative development in Unity Game Development, and while it re-kindled my love for Code, it became more of a hobby (and lately not touched anymore really)… My real passion is back for “real” code in the form of Open Source Development, Automation, and Reporting Software, as part of my day-to-day “work”… It is wonderful to feel this way again.

And the “work” nowadays in “Technical Business Coach” as I call it through my company, where I, for free, help smaller companies reach their full potential. I primarily help 2 companies at the moment, and it is a joy to see improvements with low commitment ties… Yes; many still don’t understand why I do it for free, which has been the hardest thing to explain.

Practically the work is between part-time to full-time now, being my own boss, and it is nice but not 100% perfect, so I’m not totally ruling out building either my own products (have a few ideas) or getting back to something a bit more structured with a real employment again of some sort… but not in a rush…


So do I have any regrets, a year down the line?… Not really… Could the process have been slightly better looking back; yes, but the process was the healing, and I think everything along the way was needed. But one thing is for sure; It was the right decision for me, and one can only speculate what a continued out-of-balance life + medical scares could have led to; scary stuff….


So what will happen going forward? I’m in a good mix right now, but am still tweaking and searching for even better happiness… There is still a longing for something I can’t set my finger quite on, so will keep searching… Like the rest of you out there…

What’s next?

So, I left Boyum, with no new job lined up (on purpose). What in the world was I thinking and what’s Next?

Well, it is not set in stone yet, but I have a long list of experiments that I will spend at least the rest of 2022 exploring… The experiments are in various areas but here are the first 3 I will explore:

1. Fitness and physical wellbeing

While I do run 3 times a week and have done so for over a year, it is time to shape up and gain more energy for life, so I will spend extra time preparing proper food (no more junk food), walk more, and hit the fitness center more often… The plan is to lose 25 kg, and I’m well underway 🙂

2. Mindfulness and Minimalism

I have for a long time been fascinated by mindfulness, meditation, and minimalism, but in a busy work-life, I’ve never managed to fully “understand” mindfulness, and only on rare occasions managed to get something meaningful out of my meditation attempts. By recommendation, I’ve found the book Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn and will see if it brings me closer to desired result…

3. Unity Gaming

So it is not only Body and Mind, I’m mixing the first phase of the experimentation up with some Unity Gaming to see if game development is something for me, after years of being a developer. So I mixed up the book reading with this book and if all goes as planned I will try to make a Tower Defense Game

Update: WARNING: Do not buy this book, I’m now started reading it and it is the worst “book” I’ve ever read! Will give more context and alternatives in Week 3 post!

… There is many more entries on the experiment list, but those are for a later post.

And so it begins
The Journey to the next passion in life
Wish me