Why am I writing this blog and who is it for?

I started this blog as part of leaving my job after 19 years, without a plan (on purpose).

I’m an Introvert and Worst Case Scenario Thinker, so doing the above is damn scary to me, and as I’m also single and have no overly strong family ties, I made this blog as a way to express my emotions (worst case to experience of expression, and best case get some insightful feedback).

This blog came from the idea that a few of my colleagues wanted me to keep in touch and tell them how it was going, and while I can still do that, the idea of taking the journey in the open appealed to me as I could input from others.

I first toyed with the idea to make it a video blog, but quickly decided that while there might come a few videos here and there in here, the written format just felt better.

As for who this is for, the honest truth is that it is mostly for me as one of the tools to do reflection. There are no major plans to get famous for it, have lots of likes, or anything like that… It is the process of expressing myself here that brings me value… And if others benefit from these words, then that is only a bonus 😉

How to consume the blog/get notified?

I will post on LinkedIn when there is new posts; else you can also subscribe via RSS: https://rwj.dk/feed

What will be the content of the posts?

Honestly just my thoughts and process updates… Just to give you an example are here my draft notes on things I might or might not write about in no particular order (let me know if any of them have particular interest to you or another thing you deem valuable to write about)

  • Nobody told me doing nothing would be this hard!
  • The experiments
  • Running without music
  • Working Alone
  • To Breakfast or not to breakfast
  • My knees
  • Learning to be social
  • Making a board game
  • Making a mobile game
  • Fitness
  • Slow living
  • Mindfulness is hard
  • Introverts
  • Caring too much
  • Staying in touch with old colleagues
  • Finding the next passion
  • Decluttering
  • Weightloss and counting calories
  • Routines
  • Getting a new job?
  • Going offline
  • Intermediate fasting
  • Is this a midlife crisis?
  • Brutal Honesty
  • 100% Thinking; blessing or curse
  • Living as a worst-case scenario being
  • Coaching: Give and Receive
  • Mentoring
  • My failure with AI
  • Why is software development so hard these days…
  • Impatience (getting old)
  • Voluntary work
  • “Stupid” work is nice
  • Creativity (why I like when things are constrained)
  • Should I walk the Camino?
  • Minimalism
  • I’m I agile coach material?