“New” Job…

Hi All, Been a while… Time to give an update as there is news…

I have a “new” job now, as I’ve made an official agreement with the company Relewise to be their “Process and Automation Manager“… The reason “new” is in quotations is that I’ve actually been doing that for a while already; let me explain…

My dealings with Relewise so far:

All the way back in January 2023, when I announced that I wanted to become a Technical Business Coach, Relewise was actually my first real client… I knew their CEO; Brian Holmgård Kristensen, and back then we agreed that it could be mutually beneficial if I did a two-week observation session of the Relewise development team and gave a recommendation on what could be optimized…

Well, Two weeks became a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year; and pure observation became actual process optimization, automation, and a facilitator/mentoring/coaching role in more and more areas… Relewise was on a journey I knew from my previous job, and It was so much fun to help and see the company evolve from, back then, 8 people in Denmark to now 21 employees in 4 countries.

So now we just making something long-established more official 😀

Who is Relewise?

Relewise is a Danish SaaS Startup in the Search and Recommendations space (aka when you are on a website and search for an item they are in charge of giving you a personalized list of search results; And when you add something to the basket they are the ones that recommend similar and additional items that fit with your purchase)… It is kind of an amazing feat of engineering that sometimes feels like magic when you see it in action and know what happens behind the scenes 😃

Relewise is so far mostly known in Denmark but is rolling out now to more and more countries around the world, so if any interest, check them out at https://www.relewise.com


Q: Is this a full-time job?
A: No, officially I only work for Relewise 3 days a week (aka sort of part-time and 100% my choice), rest of my time is dedicated to my own, still to be announced, project + fitness and work-life-balance (though the Relewise work at times are just so much fun that I “forget” to do the other things) 😉

Q: What do you do more specifically at the company?
A: It is a mixed bag of Development, Research, Product Integrations, Coaching and Facilitating.

Q: Are you contributing to the Relewise product itself (aka building new features)?
A: No all my work with Relewise is “internal” in nature, like internal tools, automations, and sparring with the leadership team

Q: Are you getting paid (your Sensum365 manifest said you worked for free)?
A: With the new agreement there is a financial element that both parties are happy with 🙂

Q: Does that mean you stopped offering help to others?
A: No, I still help others from time to time, but practically there is just less time to do it, so it less…

Q: I’m interested in the Relewise Product. How do I learn more?
A: Visit the website: https://www.relewise.com, LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/relewise/, get a free Trial:  https://www.relewise.com/free-trial or, if you are a Techy, see the Docs Portal: https://docs.relewise.com

Seeking a struggling/scaled Agile Experience…

Ever since I learned about Scrum and Agile back in 2000, I have been using them, but as an Agile Coach/Practitioner, I still have 2 glaring blindsides:

1. I’ve never experienced Agile Failure
2. I’ve yet to try Agile at Scale…

If I look online and in Agile Meetup Groups it is easy to get 2nd hand experience with failure and horrible “war” stories, but (at least in my own opinion) I never tried such failure myself.

My “problem” is that I was only in a single company over 19 years, and while I have been part of countless projects, my biggest team ever over the years was 11 people… But I’m yet to try to directly lead people into failure on the product or the people side (Yes, there have been minor bumps along the way, but never true failure)

Question: Why have I never seen failure?
I don’t see myself as someone good at following a specific method, and I typically just apply passion and what I see as common sense to a situation, so why have I not seen failure?

  • Have I just been Lucky with the people I’ve worked with?
  • Have I just not tried working with a big enough team/company?
  • Have I just not tried having a bad enough upper management?

I honestly don’t know; hence this odd request…

I’m seeking someone out there that owns or is in charge of a bigger company/team/product that is struggling to implement/use Agile right now, that will allow me (for free) to try and observe/assist/help…

I can’t promise that I magically can turn the fail or struggle around, so the worst case for you is that I get to experience failure along with you which is what I’m after to help me grow… The best case can of course be hoped for, but no promises…

Is anyone brave enough out there to try
and help me with this “mad” experiment?

(If you are then reach out on Email or LinkedIn)

Medical scare

So, roughly 3 weeks ago, during a lecture at a café in town, I fainted…

During the talk I got more and more dizzy while listening, I tried to get up and out to get some air, walked a few steps, and then (I’m told) I walked straight into a wall and fell to the ground… ~10 seconds later I woke up with people standing over me asking if I was OK, sweating and not knowing what just happened 😕…


I’ve never had such an experience in my life, and while I was not seriously hurt (sore ribs from the impact of the wall was the only physical injury),  talking to a medical professional over the phone afterward, I was told that it is commonly known as Syncope in medical terms, and while no urgency, I should book a consultation with my doctor… So I did for the next day, and after a sleepless night, the “medical rigamarole” started…

Me, and the Medical System

While I’m grateful for living in a country with free (paid via tax) and professional medical care, I’m not a heavy user of the system (this was my first visit to a medical facility in 12 years… (not counting Covid Shots)).

Am I scared of doctors?; not as such; they are nice people too 😉, but as a worst-case scenario thinker and a control freak, I feel so out of control in a world I know very little about (and researching it on the internet certainly only make you feel worse)… so while what I’ve been through is not unique or extreme it was a fear of the unknown experience.

“Blissful” ignorance

Just before going into the talk with the Doctor, I felt fine (less stress being my own boss now, recently lost 20kg, and in the best shape of my life, running every day). 15 min later however I was told my blood pressure was way way way too high and was urged to come back for a blood sample the next day… Again, thousands of others hear the same every day and to sometimes harder degrees, but remember as a worst-case-scenario thinker, and with a fear of needles on top, it ended up with another sleepless night of worrying.

“Measure and you shall become sick”…

This subtitle is unfair to the medical profession (sorry). Still, the blood work “of cause” showed various “common” things wrong with me (too much cholesterol, and so on), so after the first follow-up in which I was told I needed to lose weight and exercise even more to avoid blood pressure medicine, I needed another more fancy blood test (yay, more needles… 😓). Again everyone has been nice and helpful, but it of cause is forgotten when you are “forced” into something you really don’t want to and are scared of…

Silver lining

So now after 3 weeks of worry, reacting, and fearing every little sign my body gives me (the ones that are normal and you don’t notice in normal life, but become, “a thing” when you are hyper-aware), I’ve finally, and luckily been told by my doctor that while I should take care of myself more (already on it; and a good wakeup call to continue weight loss that had plateaued recently), I “only” need a follow-up in 6 months.


Is there any? Properly not, but writing these words (as is the core reason for this blog) helped me, so “Rasmus, the fearful” can get on with his life and live it to the fullest… Will I be OK? Most likely, like the rest of you out there…

New Company Name: Sensum 365

Hi all. My Technical Coach business now has its own name;

I’ve done this as the old company name (RWJ Invest) caused confusion in the new role it has.

Why Sensum 365?

“Sensum” is Latin for “Sense” as in “Common Sense“, but it also translates into “feeling” which I also found fitting 😉…

End of the day, it is still the same passion for helping you and your customers through common sense, so in that regard; who cares for a name…

My first contribution to OpenSource 🤓

As part of some work for a client that worked with Trello, I wanted to do some automation against the Trello API… Only to find out that all NuGet Packages out there were rather poor or not working at all… 😒

Well, that is not an issue for a nerd, so since I had on my list of experiments to try and contribute to open-source, I’m now a creator of a NuGet Package 🤓

So if you are a Trello User and need a C# API, you can check it out here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TrelloDotNet/

New Design

The Website and Blog got a fresh coat of paint… Hope you like it 😉

Status on Unity Game

Hi All, not too much to report on this week, so I wanted to focus this week’s post on my new Passion; Unity Game Development.

I started the development of games back in November and after the first training (you can see the result here), I have the past month, been working on my own game, which is planned to be a Tower Defense game mixed with Action RPG…

The game is far far from finished but this is moving along, and if you are interested you can see work in progress here (Disclaimer: There is not much “fun” to the game right now being more a tech demo and partly implemented mechanics. Similar graphics are all placeholder for the real thing at the end)

Main menu.. not much here other than link to the campaign
Dummy overview map… Only one level on the man with the arrow above him
Sample Level… No win condition yet, but you can lose… You choose tower in the lower left and click to place

…As said… Long way to go, but it is a start and you can keep track of progress by the above link…

That’s all for this week… See you next week